China TIG Welding Robot

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China TIG Welding Robot

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CE industrial TIG welding robot
We supply CE industrial TIG welding robot. This model has CE certificate. It is high quality model and we sold more than 200 units in China every year. It is designed simple and high efficient.

1. Product Introduction
CE industrial TIG welding robot is our most popular TIG robot machine. almost every city in China we have customers using this model. it has very good quality and price is not so high. So many customers buy this model instead of welder. the robot can work 24 hours every day, it is good choice if your want to have TIG welding.

2. Product Parameter
Power sourceAxisReach
(mm)Power Capacity

3. Product Application

4. Company Target
The target customers of the Kaberry robot are mainly targeted at small and medium enterprises. We want to make SMEs affordable. The core components of Kaberry robot are made in china. For example. The RV reducer and harmonic reducer are the two most important components. Kaberry robot will volume-produce them. The price may be less than 1/5 of what we currently have on the market. We want our product can be used everywhere in the world.

5. Product Qualification
6. Delivery time and Service
Delivery time is 40 days. We have professional team to do after sales service. in our service department, we have 3 mechanical engineers, 2 electrical engineers and 4 software engineers. we provide good service to confirm the robot can work well in customer factory.

7. FAQ
D: Why your company has beveling machines?
A: Yes, it is another business in our company, we sold Europe machines in China.

D: Can you offer 3 phase 220V machines?
A: We can use transformer to change 380V to 220V.

D: How many years have your company produced RV reducer?
A: We began to produce RV reducer from 2018.

D: How many kinds of positioner do you have?
A: Now we have 5 kind of standard positioner, and we can design special positioner also.

D: What’s the target of Europe market?
A: We want to find our sole distributer in different countries.China TIG Welding Robot
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