Disc options for Smart ForTwo 451 from different manufacturers

Recently, I had a desire to find information about car rims that are produced for the Smart ForTwo 451 model range. Having studied almost the entire Ukrainian Google, I noticed that not many manufacturers produce disks for this machine.

Having rustled some sites in Japan, Russia, Britain, Italy, Germany and of course Poland, I managed to find some interesting options. Due to the fact that the smart has a non-standard 3×112 bolt pattern, the number of discs produced can be counted on the fingers.

Team Dynamics Eagle

Team Dynamics is one of the best known British alloy wheel brands, known for its range of motorsport wheels including the iconic Pro Race 1.2 used in BTCC.

The wheels of the Eagle model seemed to be the most interesting option for me.

Unusual design. Team Dynamics Eagle rims are only sold in 16″ 6.5″ and 7.5″ widths. This width allows for 185/50 tires on a 6.5″ wide rim and 215/45 tires on a 7.5″ wide rim. Compared to 15″ rims, 16 “allow you to drive a car with great comfort on uneven roads. From personal experience, I will say that due to the larger diameter of the wheels, it was possible to add ground clearance to the car and increase comfort when passing pits and joints on the road.

But there are also downsides. The weight of the disc is increased compared to stock. The total weight of the rim with tires adds approximately 2kg of unsprung weight per side. The dynamics of the car is deteriorating.

Team Dynamics Smartie

The design is a bit like wheels from Volvo. This model comes in 16″ in 6.5″ and 7.5″ widths. There are no differences from the previous model except for the design.


Niu’s Italian rims were created to offer high quality alloy wheels with a light weight and elegant design. The brand is the brainchild of David Laidelli, an established alloy wheel professional with over a decade of experience.

This manufacturer has 2 disc models for Smart. Consider the NIU S variant.

Available in 15″ in 5.5″ and 6.5″ widths. Fits 175/55 to 5.5″ and 195/50 to 6.5″ tires. A great replacement for stock narrow or wide rims. Modern design with exciting concave center, minimal lines and Italian quality, attracts attention like no other alloy wheel.

The NIU M car rim is available in 15″ 16″ and 17″ sizes.

Fifteen tapered and thin spokes are the hallmarks of NIU M wheels. Remarkable is the design and lightweight shape of this alloy wheel, which creates an empty feeling. The concave sleeve, made in a round shape, gives an even more elegant look. Thanks to its minimalist spirit, this model is ideal for all car models, also because it is available in various sizes.

For 15″ available in 5.5″ and 6.5″ widths
For 16″ there is only 6.5″ width
For 17″ the manufacturer offers 8″ (installation of rubber 235/35)

Keskin TK9 Malik

Keskin Tuning Europa GmbH has been supplying tires and wheels to various customers around the world for over 20 years. The company is recognized in Europe as a brand of quality aluminum wheels. Keskin is a premium brand, very well known in Germany and the rest of Europe and is synonymous with quality.

There is only one premium model for Smart Fortwo access – TK9 Malik.

On sale you can find wheels, the size of which is 15 “and a width of 5”. Although expensive, but not a bad analogue of standard narrow stock discs. Installation of 165-175 rubber is possible. The design is very similar to the wheels from the famous tuning studio Lorinser.