Used Tires for Smart: Is it worth buying? What are the nuances?

The desire to reduce the cost of “shoes” of his “iron horse” leads to the fact that the car enthusiast chooses car tires cheaper – from fakes of unknown brands to tires with mileage. The main thing is that the condition of the tread meets the requirements of traffic rules. At the same time, car tires are clearly not something to save on, because by reducing the cost of them, we seriously risk our own health and even our lives.

Before you decide to buy a car tire “with age”, which was in use or even new, but kept in stock for ten years, think about its role in ensuring the reliability and safety of driving.

The “new old” tire is a dangerous purchase

This is not about worn tires, but about old tires that are not used for a long time. Unfortunately, car tires are often the subject of savings, and the savings are unjustified and inappropriate. After all, old tires on a car are no less dangerous for the lives of the driver and passengers than “bald” rubber in ice.

As you know, car tires are made of rubber. Car rubber is a rather complex compound of chemical elements that are very stable, but not protected from external factors. Sunlight, air, temperature differences slowly but clearly decompose the rubber into chemical elements, weakening the connection between them.

Remember rubber over time “dubeet”, its consumer properties deteriorate. And this rule is equally fair, even if the tires are stored in a warehouse and not operated. Unworn, but with a long term of manufacture, car tires increase the risk of motorists to replenish the sad statistics of accidents caused by a wheel that suddenly burst.

Tires with mileage do not age every day, but every hour

During the operation of the tire, its aging is repeatedly accelerated. The reason is again in the differences in temperature, humidity, chemical reagents, which abound in our streets, as well as in the style of driving. By the way, driving style is rightly named among the negative factors that cause rapid wear of the tire. Car tires suffer from high speeds, hard braking, overloading the car, non-compliance with the recommended tire pressure, late use of seasonal tires and other features that sin motorists.

To buy a car tire with mileage, which has already begun to lose elasticity and resilience, means to get less traction, increased braking distance, worse handling and propensity to skidding with all the ensuing consequences. That is why car tires with mileage are always a product of improper quality.

What is the lifespan of car tires

Each country has its own tire life limits. Russian-made car tires – up to 5 years. In developed countries of Asia and Europe, the limit is considered to be 3 years from the date of tire production.
Note that again, this is not about the service life, but about the “age” of the tire. According to experts from Germany, the tire from the age of 3 years, does not even have mileage, ie. simply stored in the warehouse can not be considered new.

Where do you think “old” unsold tires usually go? That’s right, they are fused by enterprising dealers at reduced prices in third country markets, where product quality is looked at through the fingers. Why? And because it is much cheaper and more profitable to export tires than to dispose of them. And in third countries there will always be those who want to buy these new old tires.

To avoid the troubles that usually begin with the words “deployed”, “suffered”, etc. and those who end up with a stingy line in the police report “did not manage to drive”, do not save on car tires. Buy really NEW TIRES for your “swallow” and… Good luck on the roads!