Chives client update released – version 1.3.1

The guys from Chives coin continue to work. This time they have prepared update 1.3.1, which contains a number of important bug fixes.

The fixes have been affected on all platforms such as macOS, Linux and Windows.

For a quick update, the guys from Chives for Ubuntu posted the finished code:

cd ~/
sudo rm -rf ~/chives-blockchain
git clone
cd chives-blockchain
. ./activate
cd chives-blockchain-gui

Previous updates:

1.2.11 – fixed several bugs and added support and the ability to create your own NFT plots. Also in this update, the MadMax plotter has been added to the graphical interface, for more productive use of equipment. Now the creation of plots on some machines has accelerated by 10 times.

1.3.0 – Added updated code from Chia. After this update, the loading of the client has become much faster. Updated blockchain database to v2. Now it has become 2 times smaller in size and syncs 2 times faster. Also added code for a future master node update.