Chives coin – a chance to return the investment for Chia miners

In April of this year, I heard about the beautiful, as it seemed to me at the time, and ecological coin Chia. At that time, eyes spoke from every iron, and the first source of information for me was a Google article. I remember the feelings I felt after reading these lines:

Let’s start with the fact that probably no one has not regretted the distant 2009 when Bitcoin was launched. What seems like a long time ago, I didn’t buy or hire at least one “bit”! When it could be easily mined one or more coins a day on a regular home PC

Victoria Shamina

At that moment, I thought that this chance should not be missed.
He remembered the book by the famous businessman Richard Branson “Damn everything! Take it and do it! ”, Which I once read on the train and took action.

Since it was necessary to act quickly, within a few days I gathered a farm worth 150 thousand rubles with a capacity of 50 TB and began to sow free space, hoping that it will start pouring XCH.

When I went into Chia mining, the time to win was 1 week. Everything looked quite promising – 2 coins a week for $ 1,500.
Pff, slaves … now I’ll catch the blocks, recapture the farm in 1 week and live in a huge plus.

It wasn’t here …

As you can see, I’m one of those miners who invested in Chia equipment and didn’t even earn a bottle of wine to celebrate their defeat. The time to win was constantly growing and the chances of finding a block with each passing day sought zero. Of course, a little later I had enough sense to connect to the first pool of Chia and in a few months to earn 0.3 XCH, which I sold at the rate of $ 250, but that’s not the point.

I have never encountered cryptocurrencies before, let alone mining. It was so exciting for me to gain new knowledge in this field and one of the enlightenments for me was that the developers of the crypt make a premium (in whose 21 million coins it is), which they dispose of as they wish. Such projects are usually called skam (English – skam) – a concept that is used in the Russian-speaking space as a synonym for fraud or fraud.

For me, it was a shock, the network at that time exceeded 30 EiB, the rate was around $ 250, and the hope to recoup at least the cost of equipment disappeared with the news that Chia premium is worth $ 5 billion.

Meet Chives

Like most Chia miners, I started mining different forks, hoping that some of them would be worth something. But as in the case of chia, their network grew too fast, every day I received fewer and fewer blocks, which in the end are essentially worthless, even at the moment.

In one of the discussions at the Miners’ Forum, someone announced the launch of a new Chia hard fork. As you may have guessed, it was Chives (translated from English garlic, leek).

Chives is a Chia hardfork, with support for k29, k30, k31 rafts, created by community volunteers using the Chia coin code. Blockchain project without prior mining and ICO.
At the time (July) the project was only presented at Discord and I went there to ask the developer “Why should I give up a regular $ 1 pool income every day and choose Chives. Why should I demolish all Chia rafts, on Plotting which I spent so much time and resources SSD, and take up space rafts Chives than your project better?

I received the answer to all my questions a month later …

Saving the drowning man

I decided to try my luck again, demolish all Chia rafts and start farming Chives. For me, it was the right decision in a month and a half, all my investments paid off.

The lack of premium and ICO in the project seemed very promising to me. And most importantly, the project is run by the community, not the development team, and all global decisions are made by voting.

Chives turned out to be a truly decentralized and transparent project that corresponded to my basic understanding of cryptocurrency.

At the time of writing, the price of Chives (XCC) is ~ $ 0.014, and the miner’s reward per block is 180 coins, equivalent to $ 2.5.

I joined the project at the time of launching the main network, the space of which was 140 TB, and the blocks were poured one after another for 20-30 pieces per day. Now with a space of 40 Pib I get 8 blocks per day from my 50 TB, which is equal to ~ $ 20 per day.


This entry is not a call to action, but simply information that may be useful to some of you.

Chives gave me hope and fully met all my expectations. In 2 months of farming I managed to earn more than 200 thousand coins, which I will not sell for at least another year. I hope the XCC will cost $ 1

Chives is a project with a strong community and a great development team that thinks first about people, not about themselves, unlike the Chia development team.