Hardfork Chia announced the listing. What’s in store for Chives this year?

Today, after a relatively long lull, the Chives Coin team announced the upcoming listing of the project on a new exchange, which should increase the penetration of the project into the global crypto community.

The name of the exchange and the exact date of listing have not yet been disclosed.

At the moment, the coin is traded on one Lbank exchange, which is included in the TOP 25 exchanges according to the Coinmarketcap service and its price is $0.0039.

Recently, against the backdrop of political events, the market capitalization and price of the XCC coin have decreased significantly since some of the computing power came from miners from Ukraine and Russia.

Earlier, the project team announced the update of the new CAT1 token issuance standard and the launch of open testing of its own NFT marketplace flynft.net, where anyone can place an NFT collection and sell it for XCC.

About Chives coin

Chives coin is a hard fork created by community volunteers using Chia’s open source code. Being completely decentralized, no pre-mining, no ICO, and a standalone cryptocurrency, it creates an energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly blockchain system.

The goal of the project is to create an independent community and a global decentralized payment network using a native cryptocurrency called Chives or XCC as the main payment method.

Important milestones in the development of the project in 2022

As mentioned above, a few months ago, the Chives Coin project launched its own NFT marketplace, which has already attracted more than 300 authors with unique NFT collections, as well as buyers for them. This product is constantly evolving and has every chance of success.

A major role in the project will be played by the launch of the master node, which was originally scheduled for October 2022, but according to official data, it will take place 3 months earlier.

To launch a master node, you will need 100,000 XCC, according to preliminary data, the total number of master nodes will not exceed 1,500 pieces.

After filling the quota of master nodes, almost 50% of the emission of coins mined at the time of launch will be withdrawn from circulation, which should cause the effect of a strong pump of the coin rate.

Masternodes in turn will receive 45% of all blocks mined by miners, which will be approximately 250 XCC coins per day.

An additional contribution to the project can be made by Green App Development, which recently announced the creation of a mobile multi-chain wallet for green blockchains, including Chia (XCH) and Chives (XCC), which will also increase the penetration of the project into the global crypto community.

Closing the year, a very important and long-awaited event is the launch of an NFT game on the Chives blockchain.

To date, there have already been 3 pre-sales of NFT pets that will be used in the game as playable characters.


Despite the difficulties that the entire global crypto community has gone through over the past 6 months, the Chives Coin project continues to work, is far from completing its life cycle and, on the contrary, is full of ambitions and prospects for both beginners and experienced investors.