January 2022 developer responses | ChivesCoin

On January 17, 2022, in the official Chives telegram channel, the developers were asked several questions regarding the further development of the project. The answers to these questions were short and informative.

Question: Are there plans to announce listings on new exchanges in the near future?
Answer: We are currently discussing this issue with the team. The fee for listing on the exchange can be 35-50 thousand US dollars. Can this change the price of the coin a lot? Hard to say. Chia is listed on several exchanges and the price continues to decline despite its recent announcements and implementations.

Question: Does the project have investors?
Answer: Investments are not the same as Chia’s, but they are. Investors deposited funds and exchanged them for coins. All 100% of investments were invested in the project. Also, some members of the team made significant financial contributions.

Question: There was an impression that the project does not have a marketing company, is it so?
Answer: Several marketing campaigns were carried out. Even though this is a modest project, the investments we have made during these few months of work are about 100 thousand US dollars (exchange, purchase of coins, etc.). These figures can be confirmed by accounts and transactions of buying coins on LBanK.

Question: The community wants to help financially. Are you planning a crowdfunding campaign?
Answer: For the future Chives Farm game, yes. We are currently working on creating a website for the game, so that those who wish have the opportunity to apply for support. For exchanges, this is not what the team wanted, but we could have a vote and get the opinion of the community on this.

Question: Are you planning a Kickstarter fundraiser for Chives Farm?
Answer: There is no such information at present.

Question: At what stage is the development of the game?
Answer: As mentioned above, we are currently working on the creation of a website. Some people may be confused when they try to get game information on our main website. Therefore, we decided that it was better to make a website just for the game.

Question: Is the Alpha/Beta/Demo game planned to be released before the end of 2022?
Answer: This year? Most likely. But I don’t have much information about it right now.

Recall that enthusiasts with HiveProject are working on two projects – Hivecoin and Chivescoin.