Joker Coin (XJK) – a new look for the economy of blockchain games

JOKER is a fork created by volunteers in the community using Chia code. As a completely decentralized, no reservation, no ICO, and community autonomy crypto currency, it can create a low-power, green and environmentally friendly block chain system with Chia™

What is a Joker Farm?

Running a Joker Farm is similar to mining, but using hard drive storage space instead of processing power. During block creation a snapshot the network storage space is taken;

Personal income is determined by the percentage of storage space a user contributes to the total storage space on the network. The more storage space you allocate to a Joker Farm, the greater your profit.

What is Plotting?

To start a Joker Farm it must be plotted, a process that requires a read and write to the allocated farm space. Once your hard disk is plotted, you may become a farmer and harvest it as long as you keep the proof.

The initial plot process fills the farm space with random input proofs, reads the drives through direct access to the API, and then sorts them to quickly find the proofs obtained.

How does it work?

Joker uses the free disk space on the hard disk to run Proof-of-Space (PoSpace) and coordinate with another consensus algorithm, Proof of Time (PoTime) to verify the blockchain.

The income of Joker farmers is proportional to the amount of resource storage space; if you have 10 times the space, you will get 10 times the reward.

Future applications

Joker is also capable of any of the popularly available decentralized finance tools you find on other block chains today. One feature that enables this is the fact that coins can communicate with each other when they are spent. You can have market makers announce prices and have other coins utilize those prices in their own logic when they are spent. The natural interoperability that Joker provides is also relevant because it will allow participants to layer and leverage many different DeFi tools all at once! As a new generation of digital currency, Joker coin has the characteristics of security ,confidentiality , unique currency,It can effectively protect the security of our digital property. In the future, Joker coin will be mainly used as the circulating currency between popular game platforms. We expect to start planning, designing and developing our game platform by the end of 2022 and put it into use in 2023.Joker coin can be used in our various games