PhiBlock Coin [PHI] – Fast, simple, anonymous payment system

Most cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, lightcoin or Ethereum have transparent blockchains. Phi uses a variety of privacy technologies to ensure the anonymity of its users.
Phi is also compatible with the Tor network, which allows you to connect via IPv4 and Tor at the same time. IPv4 is used to relay blocks and transactions received by peers, while Tor is used exclusively to relay transactions received through local RPC. This provides privacy and better protection against attacks from the surrounding site (Sibyl).


  • No premium and ICO
  • The time between blocks is 2 minutes
  • A maximum of 18.8 million Phi can be extracted
  • Reward for block 17.5 Phi
  • POW cryptonight RWZ (compatible with xmrrig, xmr-stak, etc.) – CryptoNight 2 with 3/4 iterations
  • The wallet for PC (Linux, WIN, MACos), Telegram and Android will be available soon.

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