Wallet for Chia (XCH) and Chives (XCC) from Green App Development

Today, the Green App Development (GAD) project tweeted the news that a mobile application will be released in the next few months and everyone will be able to join the beta testing of the Chia (XCH) and Chives (XCC) blockchain wallet.

About the Green App Development project:
Green App Development (GAD) is the first commercial project on the Chia and Chives blockchain that issued its token using the new CAT1 standard, which I wrote about in one of my articles here on VC.

According to the developers, the GAD token will be used to pay fees and services within the developed ecosystem, which will include the following products:

  • Mobile wallet and browser extension;
  • Decentralized and centralized exchangers;
  • Cross-chain protocol that will allow you to send digital assets with the lowest fees;
  • NFT marketplace;
  • Products for businesses that will allow you to accept payment for goods and services in GAD, Chia (XCH) or Chives (XCC) tokens

Green App Development IDO:
Already on April 1, 2022, the IDO SEED round will take place, where the developers plan to attract $50,000 in investments. IDO will be held on the Atnir Capital platform.
According to ICO aggregators, the project has a high rating and a verified team, which makes the project at least worthy of observation.

Note – the founder from Russia