About the source code of GTA: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto 3

The team spent a lot of time and achieved the goal, the craftsmen carried out the process of reverse engineering the source code of GTA III and Vice City, publishing the files in the public domain.

It is difficult to predict what this will lead to, but modders will be able to use these files to make major changes and completely rework these projects. If we take the example of Mario 64, the reconstruction of the code allowed to release a fan version on the PC, as well as add ray tracing. However, GTA: Vice City and GTA III are already available on the platform, so if there are changes, then at a deeper level.

The reconstructed builds have already been successfully tested on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. In addition, games include both the original rendering RenderWare (D3D8) and more advanced.

There are still a number of issues ahead, such as high-frequency physics.

However, now the fashion will not be able to download: the administration of GitHub removed them at the request of Take-Two Interactive.

The company’s official statement said: “The content of the links below consists of copyrighted material. The publication of our copyrighted material at these addresses is unauthorized and must be removed immediately. ” According to Take-Two, the enthusiasts did not license their work, so it should be removed from free access.

Representatives of the publisher have published a list of links to GitHub that are related to re3 and reVC. The administration had no choice but to delete the content at the specified addresses. As a result, reverse-engineered versions of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City have become inaccessible to users.

Big companies rarely remove fan modifications, but in this case, apparently, the reason lies in the appearance on GitHub of free access to advanced source code GTA III and GTA: Vice City.