PC Engine Core Grafx mini – new product details from Konami

Here you will find information about the details of the PC Engine mini console

PC Engine Core Grafx mini


  1. Power switch
  2. Gamepad port (above): port 1
  3. Gamepad port (bottom): port 2
  4. HDMI port
  5. AC adapter port

Do not disconnect the AC Adapter (sold separately) from the wall outlet (wall socket) or this product while the power is on. This may result in data loss or malfunction.


  1. 1D pad
  2. Selection button
  3. start button
  4. Button II
  5. Button I
  6. Turbo button Ⅱ
  7. Turbo button Ⅰ

How to open the system menu?

Click the “Run” and “Select” buttons to open the system menu.

You can save, download and reset the game in the system menu. The only controllers that can be used with the PC Engine Core Grafx mini are the included controllers and the Turbo Controller from Hori for the PC Engine Core Grafx mini (HTG-003), which is sold separately. If you need to connect three or more controllers, Multi Tap must be purchased separately. The only multitap that can be used is the Hori Multi Tap for PC Engine Core Grafx mini (HTG-004).

System Menu

The interface of the console is made in the style of the original PC Engine. Choose a game to your liking from the list of names. You can switch between PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 by selecting the icon in the lower right corner.

Select one of the game covers and you will see that the TurboChip game card is inserted.

If you choose the name TurboGrafx-CD, you will hear a simulated boot noise from the output console when starting the game.


Pressing the “Run” and “Select” buttons simultaneously opens the system menu, where you can save your game progress. Each game has four storage slots. You can save the game at any time, including during cut scenes and scenes.

PC Engine Core Grafx mini’s quick save feature allows you to try again as many times as you want from any point in the game. Ideal for those tricky jokes and action games that you would never be able to beat as a child.