The main advantages of the licensed version of Windows 10

The importance of software licensing, unfortunately, is not known to everyone. People do not hurry to buy a license for home-based koristuvannya programs. According to the statistics in Europe, the rate of piracy is 57%.
Often the problem was solved by the OS. Today, the purchase of Windows 10 does not affect anyone.
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Network equipment for IT-sphere

Recently, the IT-sphere in Ukraine is one of the most attractive areas. Even in the most ordinary office, one cannot do without the use of a computer and other office equipment. And that means you need to be connected to the Internet. Therefore, you would need to go to the UPlan online store website and see what network equipment you need. What is it and how important is it to know everything about communication solutions?
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Components of computer networks

The UPlan online store has been selling various network equipment for many years. There is literally everything you need to create a reliable connection, along with various tools, reliable equipment from well-known companies, consumables and much more. The prices for the goods presented in the catalog are quite low, therefore, among the partners there are the largest suppliers from all over the country. This suggests that they have a good reputation and are ready to provide high quality products at affordable prices, thanks to their experience and the imposed cooperation with manufacturers directly.
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20-port PCIe 3.0 x1 SATA controller based on ASMedia ASM1064 chip

Nowadays, no one expected that the need for a large number of disks would come so quickly. Previously, 2 SATA ports were sufficient in conventional motherboards. After some time, options with 4/6 ports appeared, some copies were 8 each with support for hardware raid. Such motherboards were mainly of interest only to enthusiasts. But now everything has changed…
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