20-port PCIe 3.0 x1 SATA controller based on ASMedia ASM1064 chip

Nowadays, no one expected that the need for a large number of disks would come so quickly. Previously, 2 SATA ports were sufficient in conventional motherboards. After some time, options with 4/6 ports appeared, some copies were 8 each with support for hardware raid. Such motherboards were mainly of interest only to enthusiasts. But now everything has changed…

The hard drive mining boom came in May 2021 when the creator of BitTorrent decided to roll out his new creation called Chia to the exchanges. At that moment, in addition to some shortage of large-capacity drives and SSDs that lived less than the average fly, a new problem arose. It consists in connecting a large number of HDDs to one PC. At the time of the actively developing Chia network, the miners faced a real problem and it was quite difficult to solve it. People who worked with server hardware knew how to connect and combine all disks on one PC, but alas, the average user did not. But a miracle happened, and China was able to implement a device that could solve this issue (albeit not quite on time).

Host controller SATA (AHCI) ASmedia ASM1064

A little over six months ago, controllers based on the ASM1064 chip began to appear on Ali. Hardware chip supports PCIe Gen3 x1 and only works with four SATA Gen3 ports. It has low cost, power consumption and low latency AHCI. In general, this model was released to create a variety of high-speed I / O systems, including servers, high-capacity system storage or surveillance platforms. The bonus of this chip is its multi-port support. By adding JMB575 to 1 port, we get 5 virtual ones from 1 physical one. This is what the Chinese did and released ready-made versions of the ASM1064 + JMB575 for 4/6/8/12/16/20 ports. After the hype with Chia, the prices for such controllers fell by 2-3 times and now they can be purchased for reasonable money. Since the new price hike has not yet affected this segment of goods, BitcoinHD, Signa, Litecoinhd, Mass, Arweave, Chives, Flax and hddcoin miners are starting to buy them up a little, thereby increasing the demand for such products.