The main advantages of the licensed version of Windows 10

The importance of software licensing, unfortunately, is not known to everyone. People do not hurry to buy a license for home-based koristuvannya programs. According to the statistics in Europe, the rate of piracy is 57%.
Often the problem was solved by the OS. Today, the purchase of Windows 10 does not affect anyone.

Why you need to choose a license

This topic has been raised countless times. However, the arguments remain unconvincing for some people. Let’s look at the example of Windows 10 Home, why a licensed version is needed even for home use?

Stable work

Just because a build or pirated version has been successfully installed and running smoothly for days or weeks doesn’t mean it will in the future. An unlicensed modification will most likely give an error.

Even if there are no serious problems, the operating system works worse than a certified OS. Windows 10 Home is fast in downloading and processing information.

Software update

With pirated modifications at the best schedule you will find the same unlicensed updates and patches. One can only guess what will happen to the operating system after installation.

Users of the official versions of Windows do not care about this. The system itself will find the necessary files on the official Microsoft resources and install them.


This may be an unknown fact, but users from the CIS often turn to technical support. Surprisingly, it is in these regions that digital piracy has become widespread.

There is no question of any support for pirates. Even with the slightest problems, the only solution for unlicensed versions is to reinstall Windows.

Those who bought Windows 10 Home, solve problems in minutes by contacting support.

These benefits are enough. Possible legal issues have not yet been mentioned. Control of copyright and legality of use of programs. So far, things are not too serious, dishonest users are not afraid. But with such trends, everyone will have to switch to licensed versions. This applies not only to operating systems, but also to other software packages. Licensing modifications in these cases also have advantages.