Xiaomi blew up the Internet with the announcement of the “car” RC Suzuki Jimny

Today it was announced that it is a “smart car with remote control” Suzuki Jimny, which is made in a scale of 1:16.

This model is a miniature copy of the 4th generation Suzuki Jimny, which consists of more than 200 basic parts, in addition, various modifications are available to users.

The Suzuki Jimny is equipped with all-wheel drive, all-weather off-road tires and a transmission with shock absorbers such as coil springs. The model received high-precision digital servos in combination with a shock-resistant nylon chassis, a beam body design and a realistic suspension system. Users can arbitrarily adjust the gear ratio and throttle condition.

You will need to control the Suzuki Jimny using a smartphone app. No special remote control is provided.

The price at the stage of collective financing will be 25 dollars.