Server rack – why and for what? advice from UPlan

Server rack – is a metal structure that houses network and server equipment. A telecommunications rack usually consists of a base and one or two frames. 19 inch equipment is mounted in this design.

Racks for server equipment are used as an alternative (budget option) to telecommunication cabinets. Unlike a server cabinet, racks are a more compact product, suitable for those cases where quick and easy access to equipment is required. For server racks, there is no need to install additional cooling systems, because. for such a solution, natural airflow is sufficient. This type of product is usually installed in server rooms where there is air conditioning and a large amount of equipment.

The vast majority of telecommunications racks are made for equipment in a 19-inch design, which is 482.6 millimeters. Typically installed equipment is 1/32 inch (.031″) less than the 1U unit definition. Therefore, in practice, we get that the size of 1U of equipment is 1.719″ (43.7mm), instead of 1.75″ (44.4mm). Such actions on the part of manufacturers are due to the allocation of additional space for the possibility of installing or removing server equipment without damaging the adjacent one. The 19-inch server rack presented in the section can have a depth of 400 to 850 millimeters. The choice of a rack in depth must be selected exclusively for switching or server equipment.

On our website you can find two types of racks:
– Single-frame switching server rack;
– Switching server rack two-frame;

The floor stand 19″ on the racks has a number of holes. These holes are required to secure the devices inside the rack. The distance between the axes of such holes is 0.625″. The height of the rack mounted equipment is 1u = 44.45mm = 1.75″. In our online store you can find racks with heights from 8u to 84u. Depending on the amount of equipment that needs to be installed in the rack, its maximum height is calculated.

Telecommunication rack 19″ is made in a collapsible version. These racks are sold unassembled. All components are assembled at the installation site. This open rack is easy to transport and assemble.

When in doubt about choosing between a 19″ rack or a 19″ cabinet, pay attention to your hardware requirements. The advantage that a server rack has is a fairly low price. Unlike a server cabinet, a rack performs the same functions, but its cost is significantly lower.

If you or your organization needs a server rack, you can buy it from us, in the UPlan online store. Give us a call and our experts will be able to help you select the most suitable rack for your application.