Tip from UPlan: what is a server cabinet and how to choose one?

The server cabinet is a special universal equipment in which it is possible to install the necessary active or passive network equipment as compactly as possible, occupying at the same time a minimum of space and saving the maximum time on installation.

Such metal structures are also designed to reliably protect expensive and high-performance equipment and ensure their efficient operation regardless of environmental conditions.

Telecommunication cabinets are mainly used in structured cabling networks (SCNs) and data centers. But in fact, the scope of such cabinets is quite wide. The most optimal size is a 19-inch telecom cabinet. For a long time this standard has been used in the network direction and the vast majority of telecommunications equipment is produced in exactly the same size.

Any cabinet has a design consisting of several elements. The main part is the frame. It can be collapsible or welded. Regarding a collapsible server cabinet, this design is sold as separate elements that must be assembled at the installation site. This option is most convenient for rooms where there is no possibility of installing solid structures. From a logistical point of view, the transportation of such cabinets is much easier and more cost-effective. The advantage of all-welded cabinets is the minimum installation time. Equipment guides play an equally important role in the design of server cabinets. Depending on the height of the cabinet, the length (height) of the rails changes; when installing a large amount of equipment, this moment must be taken into account. The side and rear walls can be removable or non-removable. In some floor models, an additional door is installed instead of the rear removable wall – along with the front one.

According to the type of installation, server cabinets are divided into:
– Telecommunication wall cabinet;
– Floor telecommunication cabinet;

Wall-mounted structures are compact and lightweight, designed to accommodate light network equipment. Floor-standing server cabinets have a solid design, designed for heavy network equipment, but their price is much higher than that of wall-mounted ones.

Server cabinets 19 inches can have a standard width of 600mm or an extended version up to 800mm. A wider version of the telecommunications box is used when a vertical cable manager is required and many telecommunications cables need to be routed. Due to the fact that the 19″ telecommunication cabinet has large dimensions, it is necessary to make careful measurements of the installation site of telecommunication equipment before buying.

Height of cabinets is measured in units – a special unit for measuring the height of network equipment. One unit is 44.45 millimeters. For ease of calculating the height of the equipment, it is customary to use values ​​measured in units. In this section, you can find and purchase a telecommunication cabinet with a height from 2u to 48u. The depth of the cabinet can be from 250mm to 1200mm. When choosing the right depth, you must take into account the additional 100-150 millimeters necessary for convenient cable connection.