What are the benefits of uninterruptible power supplies, what are they?

When purchasing an uninterruptible power supply, it is extremely important to ensure its quality, reliability and safety.

It is these characteristics that distinguish branded products from base fakes. We list the main features by which you can quickly distinguish the first from the second.

Any electric generator is equipped with an engine, which is its “heart”. Quality UPSs use a reputable motor to ensure accurate speed and AC stability. The margin of safety in this case is at least 2000-2500 hours of work to failure.

At the same time, counterfeit generators are equipped with cheap engines with untuned speed controllers. It is clear that such power supplies cannot provide stable operation, and there is no need to talk about any reliability in this case.

Manufacturers of branded power generators carefully test their products for the compatibility of all nodes and ensure that they operate devices in accordance with the specified parameters and modes. This is a complex of expensive measures, which is reflected in the cost of equipment and the final price. That is why high-quality UPSs a priori cannot be too cheap.

Low-end generator sets are made by pure “assemblers” who don’t bother testing and testing equipment. In the assembly process, they use engines and components that do not have clearly defined technical characteristics.

All this allows such unfortunate manufacturers to declare a deliberately overestimated margin of safety of their equipment and underestimated fuel consumption.

Buying low-quality generator sets is not only inefficient, but also life-threatening. Manufacturers of low-end generators tend to skimp on safety issues and important elements such as:

device grounding,
motor overload protection,
anti-noise cover.
At the same time, high-quality UPS from well-known manufacturers, which can be purchased at https://uplan.com.ua/, guarantee operation in compliance with safety regulations. Moreover, their design is always thought out to the smallest detail, and all sorts of troubles (loose connections, dangling wires, etc.) are simply excluded. Nothing threatens the life and health of people.

When choosing an uninterruptible power supply, you should not trust sellers who tend to praise their products, but independent specialists with extensive experience in operating UPS from various manufacturers.