Anti spam bot solution for phpBB

The problem with spam on the forum is relevant. Spammers are accustomed to bypassing not only the standard distribution, mods and “puzzles”, but even over the use of reCAPTCHA program allsubmitter’e or Khrumeri for spam won.

Let’s try to deceive spammers and add an additional checkbox during registration, which should confuse the robots of registrars.

We need three files: ucp.php is at the root of the forum, ucp_agreement.html is the agreement page, is in styles/prosilver/template and the ucp_register.html file is there.

In the file ucp.php we find:

case ‘register’:
if ($user->data [‘is_registered’] || isset($_REQUEST [‘not_agreed’]))
redirect(append_sid (“{$phpbb_root_path} index.$phpEx”));

$module->load(‘ucp’, ‘register’);
$module->display ($user->lang[‘REGISTER’]);

and add before $module->load(‘ucp’, ‘register’);

if (isset($_REQUEST[‘agreed’]) && (!isset($_POST[‘greg’]) || ($_POST[‘greg’] != ‘on’)))
redirect(append_sid(” {$phpbb_root_path} index.$phpEx”));

It turns out:

Then the file ucp_agreement.html
We add:

        <div align=center><input type=”checkbox” name=”greg” /> I’m sure I want to become a registered user</div>

It turns out:

It looks like this:

Then the file ucp_register.html

Add a line:

<div align=center style=”font=size: 14px; font=weight: 700″><input type=”checkbox” name=”greg”/> I am not a bot</div>

I have this 100 line and the result looks like this:


As a result of the additions made, we receive additional check boxes upon registration to confirm the confidence of becoming a registered user in the user agreement, the file ucp_agreement.html and an additional check box in the form of registration, the file ucp_register.html
The spam bot just spits when, as usual, it is not marked with a tick and it is transferred to the main page of the forum, literally at the first stage of registration.