phpBB – close the link from indexing

How zadolbali these spammers! The question immediately arose: how to hide external links on the phpBB forum from indexing, in particular links in messages (future or existing ones)?

Answer: in order to close external links for indexing by search engines with noindex nofollow tags in the phpBB3 forum, you need to modify the file:


Find the line:
<!– BEGIN url –><a href=”/{URL}”>{DESCRIPTION}</a><!– END url–>

We replace it with:
<!– BEGIN url –><noindex><a href=”/{URL}” rel=”nofollow”>{DESCRIPTION}</a></noindex><!– END url –>
and if you also add target=”_blank” before rel=”nofollow”, it turns out that the external link will also open in a new window.

It turns out that rel=”nofollow” is added in the outermost link and surrounded by <noindex>
Sometimes you need to clear the forum cache in the admin panel.


Answer to the question: How to close the link to the user’s website under the avatar on the message page, or even remove the earth ball icon along with the link, leaving the link to the personal website only on the user’s profile page.

We find the file viewtopic_body.html usually in the folder styles/your_theme/template/

Find the code: <!– IF postrow.U_WWW –><li><a href=”/{postrow.U_WWW}” title=”{L_VISIT_WEBSITE}: {postrow.U_WWW}”><span>{L_WEBSITE}< /span></a></li><!– ENDIF –>

If you want to completely remove the ability to add a site with an iser, stupidly delete the line.

If you want to close from indexing, replace with: <!– IF postrow.U_WWW –><li><noindex><a href=”/{postrow.U_WWW}” rel= “nofollow” title=”{L_VISIT_WEBSITE}: {postrow.U_WWW}”><span>{L_WEBSITE}</span></a></noindex></li><!– ENDIF –>