SESSION ID – how to remove the session ID in phpBB

Search engines will noticeably better start indexing the forum if the session identifier sid is removed from the phpbb engine, for example /forum/?sid=ac547c77f2adfcae1490d594a59d4024.

If there is such a line on your forum, then it will be visible to search engines, which means that the indexing of the site / forum is noticeably reduced due to duplication of the main pages.


We find in the file includes/functions.php, located at the root of the site, the code:

// Assign sid if session id is not specified
if ($session_id === false)
$session_id = $_SID;

After it add this code:

// Begin Sid Nou
global $user;
if ($user->data[‘user_id’] == ANONYMOUS OR $user->data[‘is_bot’] )
$session_id = false;
// End Sid Nou

Indexing of the site/forum will improve and take root, which will increase the chances of being listed or being listed

The second way is to add the following directives to the robots.txt file:

Clean-param: sid /forum/index.php
Clean-param: sid /forum/viewforum.php
Clean-param: sid /forum/viewtopic.php

Clean-param is designed to clear the url from dynamic parameters when indexing – sid. The example shows three pages whose addresses should ignore the session identifier sid. there are enough of them, because when the session ends, the user goes to exactly one of them.

It should be noted that there is a drawback in the second method, in the webmaster panel from Google, when analyzing the robots.txt file, an error is generated on these three lines, therefore Google can ignore these directives.