Twisted pair cable and its scope

Twisted pair cable is a popular conductor for home and office today. Based on the characteristics of the cable structure, twisted pair has many advantages.

In such a cable, the core of the conductor is a copper core. Cheaper cables use an alloy of copper and aluminum (Bimetal). Cable conductors are usually woven in pairs. Most often, 2 or 4-pair twisted pairs are found on sale. In some twisted pair models, you can find a protective screen. Shielded twisted pair (FTP) is shielded from electromagnetic waves emitted from nearby cables or active equipment. The foil shield almost completely absorbs the radiation. Unshielded UTP twisted pair is the more popular and cheaper conductor, suitable for installation far from the accumulation of server equipment or cable backbone.

There are different categories of conductors on the market (3, 5e, 6, 6a, 7, 7a). Depending on the category, the cable has a different data transmission frequency. The most suitable choice for the office is category 5e twisted pair cable. Its characteristics allow you to transfer data with a frequency of 125Mhz and the data transfer rate reaches up to 1 Gb / s. This cable is perfect for creating a home LAN network. UTP twisted pair cable is the most practical LAN cable for home use.

Twisted pair UTP for indoor installation, despite the lack of shielding, is very often used in office structured cabling systems. As correct, to connect remote buildings or premises at the insistence of up to 100 meters. If it is necessary to install a twisted pair outside the premises, a special type of cable is used – for external laying. Most often, such a cable can be found in underground or ventilation lines.

Twisted-pair FTP is recommended for installation in a backbone with a lot of cables or high-voltage lines that can create a strong electromagnetic field. If it is necessary to use a cable, there is an external twisted pair with a cable on overhead communication lines. The cable acts as a power element that allows it to withstand a breaking force of up to 1kH.

STP twisted pair is used in special cases where a standard foil shield is not enough and additional protection against electromagnetic fields is needed. Such a cable can be shielded for each pair, have one common shield and one additional one that acts as a braid.

Category 5 twisted pair is considered a universal option for creating a local area network. For proper installation of a structured cabling system, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and possible expansion of the network.