White directories of Ukrainian sites

Not long ago I read articles about site promotion and, in particular, about placing your resource in free directories of Ukrainian sites.
As it turned out, there are a lot of them, but they are divided into several types.

White directories are those resources that do not require a backlink.
Gray directories are those directories that, after registration, ask you to put a link to the directory. Requests come in the form of email messages, such as if you do not put a link to the directory, then your resource will not be added to the directory. Freeze these guys.
Black directories are those directories that require you to add a backlink before registration. As a rule, after some time, these black directories will remove your site from their directory, but not always. I advise you not to register in such directories, otherwise you will turn your site into a garbage dump.
Such directories can come in handy when building a free Linkbuilding.

Linkbuilding is link building to increase the ranking of a website in search engines. Link promotion is the basis of a high-quality and sustainable result. It is it that allows you to locate search engines and provide relevant, volumetric and constant traffic.

Actually, it seemed to me that this information would be of interest to people who want to start promoting their / other people’s sites. On the Internet, I found several resources where you can place a link and information about your site.

  1. https://www.google.ru/intl/ru_ua/business/ – Google My Business.
  2. http://dmoz.io.ua/journal.php – catalog of sites without a backlink, you can add your
  3. photo, registration is not required.
  4. http://povezlo.su/ – A good and free directory of sites.
  5. http://spravkus.com/ – A good directory of sites. Registration required.
  6. https://catalog.online.ua/ – A good directory of sites.
  7. https://catalog.i.ua – A good directory of sites.