AddServ is a free program for running through analyzer databases

AddServ is a program written in Delphi in Object Paskal using Chrominium. The program allows you to carry out runs on site analyzers, bookmarks and reviews on the site.

Why is AddServ necessary?

With AddServ, you can get up to 100 backlinks, some of which are:

  • 40% NoFollow
  • 20% DoFollow
  • 20% link redirect
  • 20% text and image links

AppServ is suitable for:

  1. Increase the site track.
  2. Reference mass breakdown.
  3. For young, new sites with no backlinks.

The author claims:

The result can be compared to buying 5-10 links from GGL or a similar exchange. Free only 🙂

Instructions for working with AddServ

  1. Download the program from official site.
  2. Unpacking.
  3. Run AddServ.exe

To run the site in automatic mode:

  1. In the first line, instead of “” we write our site. The next line – set 20. This is the delay in seconds. For slow Internet, set 30. For fast Internet, you can use 10.
  2. Press “Run”
  3. After the run is complete, the message “Run finished” appears.

As practice shows, it can take up to 3-6 months for search engines to index pages created by us by search engines. That is why the process is (probably) safe for young sites and does not threaten with a filter. But in any case, this is done at your own peril and risk!

To run the site in manual mode:

  1. Check the “Manual run” checkbox and click on the “Next” button
  2. A page appears in the lower window in which you need to find the input field and enter the site. Sometimes you need to complete a small quest or confirm a captcha. If an error 404 appears, go to the main page and look for an analyzer with an input field. If there are any errors when loading the page – open this site in any browser and work on.
  3. After running through the manual database (the counter is displayed on top), select the desired report and form links.

The run is over. After a while, backlinks will appear in Google Search Console.