Climate cabinet for server – scope

A climate cabinet is a device designed to accommodate active server equipment in conditions that do not correspond to the operating temperature range of the device itself. The outdoor all-weather cabinet is used if it is necessary to place equipment outdoors.

The anti-vandal climatic cabinet has only 19 inch wide racks. This allows you to install almost any switching equipment or server in it.

The climatic telecommunication cabinet has two doors – external and internal. The main function of an external door is protection from extreme weather conditions and burglary. The outer door has a secure lock with three bolts, as well as a filter dust collector. The inner door has two built-in 120mm fans and contains a digital thermostat.

Inside the all-weather telecommunication cabinet has a retractable arm. For the convenience of installing the equipment, the bracket can be removed and returned after the installation process is completed.

The telecommunication climate cabinet has a 250W heating element. There is a fan on the body of the thermoelement, which helps to evenly heat the interior of the cabinet.

The thermostat is the key device of the climate cabinet. It is used to set the heating and cooling parameters. Using three buttons, you can set the temperature thresholds for turning the cooling system on or off, as well as set the temperature at which the heating element will turn on or turn off.

The all-weather cabinet can ensure the stable operation of the equipment at an ambient temperature of -25 to +40. The inner walls of the cabinet, for additional insulation, are insulated with 10 mm thick isolon. Paint climate boxes in two layers. The first layer is a zinc-containing primer, the second layer is powder paint. This type of primer allows you to extend the life of the box and increase corrosion resistance.”