For the first time women’s warmth!

The story of one guy …

Today I will tell the story of how a human female first came to me. Such posts are in normal demand, so I will describe everything in the smallest detail.

I was inspired for this post by a photo of a schoolboy in a T-shirt JolyBell, who hugs three of his girlfriends, I did not have such success in school, I thought, fuck I would take a picture like that, because friends, for the whole school I had only 3- 4, and even then at different times, however, the key word “were” and I will tell about one now. In general, rummaging recently on the profiles of their classmates, I can say that as the daughters of their parents they are good, all megacultural photos in modest clothes, in school the least attention to boys, only education, and after school went to good universities – well, isn’t it smart girl? But as a boy, they annoyed me, they were closed to all the boys in the class, not even affected by puberty, while in the parallel class, the girls were much more resolute, which caused some envy. Everything I wrote did not concern only two classmates: one who seduced me and opened the world of carnal pleasures to me, and the other only introduced me to this world a little about this story. Time of events, approximately, class 7-8th.

She was the first to make me very embarrassed. She was from my school, and she is from the Caucasus, very beautiful – big eyes, gorgeous long black hair, slender. An intelligent family, our parents sometimes at the family meeting pizdeli and several times invited to visit. I have known their daughter since the first grade and especially never even talked, but puberty changes everyone. Quite unexpectedly, let her name be Lera, and, despite her origin, her real name was purely Russian. So, one day Lera starts hanging out with me in class. Ахуеть! I always sat at the last desk alone, not because the omega was killed, but because all the roots were cut off from me, the teachers thought that I was preventing them from learning, in which, of course, they were right. And here, from the first desk, an exemplary excellent student sits next to me, before the English lesson, if I’m not mistaken, during the shift:

– “I’ll sit down. Can I sit down with you?” Lera asks timidly,
– “Why?” I ask rudely but frightenedly.

I felt a trick. The girls in the class didn’t like me, they liked to take my notebooks by the end of the cover when they handed them out, they said it smelled like shit, instead I spat in their briefcases and used all my verbal arsenal, and I had no equal in sexist words. Time was free, not what it is now.

She sat down and the whole lesson tried to arouse my interest in him: she opened the textbook on the right page, suggested something and other small crap. I was surprised then, her attention was pleasant, but its reason is not clear.

Since then, her activity has been growing, but very slowly, I was just called to the math board, and for me it’s like a scaffold for Danton: because of their approach and at this moment she returns to them from the first desk and rudely, in a raised voice, like a lioness roaring: “shut your mouth!” and the dolls really slammed the fuckers! “Oh, in themselves,” I thought, it was so nice of her. She always tried to “protect” me and almost always when it was not necessary. We had a tough class, we liked to secretly fuck the boys with one or two at nine, just fucked me and after that she went to fuck a friend who did it. Once I secretly wiped the sole of my Kent’s jacket in class when it hung from a chair in front, Lera saw it and did not say a word, when Kent took revenge and broke the chalk during revenge, she knocked it out of his hands!

At that time I did not have any girls at all, I never touched them and every gesture was important and valuable. Once during a break I was just sitting at the middle desk and she and her friend sat in the back and started braiding my hair – it was the first time I felt feminine warmth (I laugh when I write this), until the tingling went away with pleasure, she did it so gently, and I pretended to fuck me.

I never reciprocated, not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t know how to do it, and in general it was kind of scary. Thanks to this story, I realized that women still have a limit of attempts, and if you are a sheep, it loses interest in you and often – forever. My attempt to spin with her was accepted in the 11th grade and ended in a cold dynamo. But let’s go back, her final attempt to attract my attention was in the forest-park, when we went to a community work day or something else class, I was sent from the rake to the very back of one park, but immediately joined me Lera, she told the teacher that I would control , and then I do not work. Here she is right, because every Saturday I fucked my mouth and always tried to work less than others, because free work is not for me. So, we go to the appointed point together, talk about the little things, how I feel that Lera takes my hand!

I withdrew my hand in response, no, not because I didn’t want to, just a reaction that someone suddenly touched me behind the arm and then what to do? Take her hand yourself? Quickly, I’m afraid, and she herself is afraid to take the initiative and this situation is like a cloud haunting us for an hour while we were collecting leaves with shit in the park. The atmosphere of terrible inconvenience prevailed all this hour. After this story, Lera stopped paying attention to me forever, not to say that I was upset, at that time the girls were not very interested in me, but a couple of years later Lera, like a tulip, opened up and became very attractive, unfortunately, I remembered her not in the best way and my attempts to restore her interest were unsuccessful.

About a year ago, we wrote it off and mentioned it, to which she jokingly said, “It was an unbearable frost.” I confess that I have only gotten a little better with regard to women’s initiatives, until I get full confidence that she agrees and I do not want to do anything. To seek, to write, to “conquer” is not for me, or she does everything, or we are not created for each other. I’m all with my father, my mother after my father, who, incidentally, from a very poor family of Soviet teachers, while my mother from a family of nomenclature, so, she ran after him for a year, according to her, he constantly dynamos and on the first date in general came with a friend – that’s who I am.

I showed initiative to the woman only a few times and it was a total fiasco, one story I told a lot of times on the stream, when I noticed a little, the worst girl in school, in the camp I wrote her a letter and sent it to her through a messenger. pussy from the junior detachment. In a couple of hours she comes up to me and in the presence of all the boys in my squad and others says “do not invite me” – all this is an irreversible point in the genesis of my character, as long as the woman herself does not climb me, bitch, not a drop of initiative Report, I can not refuse. Her hints mean nothing to me, or she stubbornly writes, calls, calls for a walk – or nothing happens.

It’s good that I can communicate well with women, and it helps me a lot. I noticed that this is a family chip, my brother was loved by the whole female team at school, when he came to the parents’ meeting, the teachers melted in front of him and almost did not frown at me, my father is adored for his charisma and humor customs. I do not want to brag, but on the scales, where on the one hand my feelings of failure, perhaps complexes, I want to add my understanding of how to talk, how to care, I consider my politeness a powerful weapon, girls love manners.

I will not lie, I am not in harmony with all the girls, there is a type that I am very annoying, and they can not stand me. Once I had a meeting with a classmate of the attack aircraft, by the way, she was no exception, and it was she who added me, he will not lie. But after the meeting, I heard so much shit from her friends to her address, and then from her personally, that for several months in general he beat the women. I’ve never been so dumbfounded, to say the least – I’m very boring and “trying to be too perfect” so it doesn’t mean. By the way, she was then drunk by the whole class drunk, but that’s another story. But there are those to whom my nausea comes, very recently I rented an apartment and after half an hour of communication with me, the realtor began to ask for my phone, I confess I was pissed and even confused by surprise. I like women, they are cool and it is interesting to communicate with them, though not as interesting as with men.

Let’s go back to school, a little later after Lera, another excellent student became more active, who literally seduced me, this is a separate story about how a modest excellent student from a decent family deprived me of my innocence.

The author is anonymous