Socket block – description and scope

It is rare when an office, regardless of scale, does without a computer network. The activity of the local network is provided by a set of network equipment, often located in special rooms – server rooms. It is obvious that power for electrical equipment must be provided in the most convenient and practical way possible. For this case, a 19″ socket block is suitable.

The 19″ surge protector is mounted in server cabinets and racks, but some design standards must be followed. Such outlet blocks must have a certain size. Based on the general design of the bulk of telecommunication racks and cabinets, the 1u 19 ″ socket block must have the required width and the corresponding position of the holes for fasteners.

Visually, the 1U socket block is an aluminum or plastic case, consisting of a certain number of sockets and a switch with indication. In some cases, to increase the number of electrical outlets, the switch may be absent. A cable is attached to the case, the length of which depends on the model. The vast majority of extensions are one unit high, which is very convenient during installation and allows you to fix them in racks without much effort. Standard dimensions allow you to aesthetically fit the surge protector into a 19″ rack without interfering with other devices in the design.

A 19″ socket block may not have switches, indications or other functions, but the main parameter will instead be the number of sockets. A device with up to 4 sockets is not entirely advisable to create in a 19 ″ inch construct. These 10″ outlet blocks are purchased for mounting in 10″ form factor designs. The best option for 19″ racks and cabinets are socket blocks for 6-8 electrical outlets.

One of the most demanded goods in this section is the block of sockets 19″ 8 sockets. Such a device can provide power to all consumers connected to it. The surge protector is able to filter out interference and has a fuse for timely power off when the threshold value is exceeded.

Depending on the total power consumption of the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum current that the surge protector can pass through itself.